The Trailer

24′ aluminum Mission Trailer weighing only 3000 pounds empty with 5 kWh battery storage, 2400 Watt of solar panels and 4000 Watt Inverter capable of 240 Volt split phase and powering an RV if needed. The Jeep and bicycles ride inside the trailer when we move, but else is the trailer used as workshop and storage. The large door, ramp, and large side door allow easy access. Mission Trailer Enclosed Car Haulers Brochure.

The door on the driver side also doubles as a great awning when working outside. Being all metal is no wind going to break that.

With cabinets to store tools and other gear, a counter added and 8 feet of storage in front of the Jeep when traveling is plenty of things that normally is in a garage moving with us.

Battleborn battery bank

No maintenance, stable power and built-in protection are offered by the 4 Battleborn batteries mounted in the floor of the trailer. Learn more.


The trailer is a stand-alone electrical system with a 4000 Watt Magnum MS4024 PAE inverter. The inverter is a Split Phase and can provide up to 30 Ampere on each phase. Learn more.

Solar Panels

The roof of the trailer is covered more than 80% with 7 SolarWorld XL 345 Watt solar panels. Learn more.

Air Condition

The skin of the trailer is all aluminum and black when the sun is on can the inside become really hot. An LG 8000 BTU AC mounted in the front of the trailer. Learn more.

Crypto Currency

Burning surplus solar power and generating a few quarters a day. Learn more.

Charging an Electric Bicycle

Charging the Electric Bicycle is another way of spending unused solar power. Learn more.