Susanne and Per

Our Approach

Way of Life

Staying off the grid electrically, but running an online software business from the road.

Our Story

Our Story

Our Beaver Santiam motorhome was built in 2004, we bought it new to us in December 2010.
In July 2012 we drove from Atlanta, GA to the Southwest to travel around with family for a few weeks. We ended up never driving back to Atlanta after this, and instead decided to live full time in the RV. We sold our house in July 2015.
Since we got the first solar panels installed in June 2014 constant improvements have resulted in a system that allows us to stay 100% off the grid.

Meet the Team

Two people sharing 300 square feet of living space and a 200 square feet garage.

Tog of the Rockies


Electric Whizzbang

Originally from Denmark, US resident for 20 years.

Susanne 2


Keeping it all sane

Originally from Denmark, US resident for 20 years.