We have had a few different weather stations on our RV over the years, all of them ended up not working properly after plastic parts broke. The current is an Ambient Weather 5000 with no movable parts. The advantage is we do not have to take the weather station down when driving. The weather station is not being aligned correctly toward north because it is locked to the direction of the RV. So if the wind comes from the north is it from the front of the RV.

The weather station is connected to the Wunderground network and can be accessed hereĀ https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KAZSALOM34. Wunderground does not allow to update the location so the forecast features are always related to Snowbird West near Salome, AZ that is our primary winter location. The screenshot below is from close to Greer, AZ.

The snapshot is nice for getting a quick overview. We also use this to determine if the heat pumps actually can produce heat. We have found that under 40 Fahrenheit is the heat pump pretty much just making noise and consuming energy with minimal heat in the RV. If the temperature get that low are we normally using an electric space heater that consume less power and produce more heat.

The weather station has a lot of features that is interesting to track over time as these pictures show for April 2024, December 2023 and July 2023.

The Solar Radiation is very interesting to track for the number of daylight hours and the intensity of the sun light. The scale in December is maxing out at 500 Watt/SqM, when in July is close to 1000 Watts/SqM. This is all because of the low angle of the sun and absorption of the energy of the atmosphere. Angled solar panels for sure help in the winter to produce more energy.