100% sun powered

With the upgrades, we have done is Air Condition (cooling and heating), Microwave Oven, Water Heater and even Electric Heating possible. Switching from a 12 Volt to a 24 Volt House Battery system is key to running higher 120 Volt AC loads.

The Battleborn Batteries offer safe and efficient energy storage. In the space of 8 Lead Acid Batteries can double the useful capacity fit for half the weight. In the trailer is 4 EG4 LiFePower4 Rack batteries able to charge the Tesla 20% or provide power to the RV for days if needed.

Having a large battery system is essential to run the RV overnight and allow large loads, but recharging is important too. Our Solar Array uses 8 SolarEver 445 Watt Panel on the RV and 19 additional panels on the trailer for over 10 kW of solar panels. In the summer can it produce 75 kWh in a day and the shortest day in winter 25 kWh. The design of the Solar Array is key to being 100% off-grid and charging the Tesla.

The trailer provide extra roof space for solar panels and transport the Tesla when moving. With 15 kW of inverters and 20 kWh of storage is the trailer a mobile power station for the RV.