Air Condition

Staying in Phoenix in the spring is like the hottest day in many other places. In early April is the temperature already 90 Fahrenheit each day.

For a week have the rear air conditioner been set to 80 Fahrenheit Day and Night. The air distribution through the ducting is very ineffective and the grill has been open so the cold air is dumped directly into the bedroom. We keep the doors closed so the cooling box stays nice and it limits the run time of the Air Conditioner. Trying to coll the forward section with a lot of windows and other leaks requires a lot more and probably needs both air conditioners to run through the ducting.

The grey graph shows the consumption of the RV. The main usage is all the spikes from when the Air Conditioner is active. Each day is the battery still getting fully charged (Yellow graph).

With data from the previous week can the extra power needed be calculated. We use 48% extra with the air conditioner compared to the week before. Another interesting measurement is that the power needed from the batteries only increases 25% compared to the week before. With the right setup can Air Condition be used even in a hot climate. It helps with the lower night temperatures and very low humidity in Phoenix. The Air Conditioner would work a lot harder with higher humidity.