Record broken 123 kWh

With the shorter days and low sun of the winter quickly receding, a new record has been set, 123 kWh produced in a single day. The only change to the existing setup was deployment of extra solar panels that was used in the shorter days and wiring the spare Growatt inverter for a second Tesla charging station.

With the extra inverter wired directly to a 240 Volt outlet is 22 Ampere available to charge with a Tesla mobile charger. This increased the total output available from the trailer to 15 kW, or over 60 Amperes @ 240 Volt. The YouTube video below has a short tour of the whole setup.

Our Tesla Model Y Long Range and a Model 3 Standard Range has been charged all winter when extra energy was available. With two Teslas being charged and used regularly is enough energy needed to keep the system busy most days.

For the 12 day period below was extra energy also used to run air condition in the RV, trailer and Teslas (Camp Mode when battery was full). Even a lot of extra use of hot water in the RV. We only got the spare inverter deployed for the last 4 days, even more could have been done.

After the activation of the third inverter and deployment of more ground panels was the record of 123.4 kWh on a sunny day with the complete system working at more than 95% capacity. Very little energy was wasted during the day keeping all system at full capacity. The busy graph below has details and the red boxes is the few sections where all available energy was not used.

The 123 kWh represent a $19 value at standard Phoenix pricing and for the full 12 day period $188. The majority (~80%) of the energy went into the two Tesla cars. With that being done at Supercharger is the total produced energy worth $440 for the 12 days.