Battery Systems

Lead Acids Flooded or Sealed, Drop-in Lithium or re-purposed car batteries. Based on the requirements can all be the right answer.

Solar Charging

"12 Volt" or residential Solar Panels, Tilting or Flat, MPPT or PWM, Parallel or Serial and Wiring. All are important for getting the most energy from the sun.

Inverters and Chargers

Converting the stored energy to useful power, recharge your batteries with a generator or shore power is the Job of an Inverter/Charger.

Our Design

We want to be 100% off-grid, not use the generator and live like normal in our RV. This requires a lot of stored energy, a powerful inverter, and a very capable solar charging solution.

Our Path

Going from two small 160 Watt Solar Panels to 13 large 345 Watt Solar Panels with Tesla Batteries was a four-year journey.

Future Upgrades

Even we can do all we need to, in most cases, can it always be better. Here is a discussion of the potential improvements to our current setup.