14.5 MWh in a year

The latest 10 kW solar setup, with 8 x 455 Watt on the RV and 6 x 455 Watt and 13 x 345 Watt on the trailer, is now a year old. This setup has been deployed many times including inside the convention center in San Diego for the Fully Charged Live conference last year. At the end of the conference was even the RV inside to pick up the trailer.

We have had days with over 100 kWh produced with the ground deploy and generated 14.5 MWh (14500 kWh) of energy from the sun. 75% of the energy has been used in charging the Tesla or running the Air Condition in the RV when stored in the Phoenix area.

A YouTube video summarizing the last year with many details has been released.