A month in 100+ with AC

We have been traveling in the Tesla a lot and the Motorhome has been sitting at Snowbird West close to Phoenix with Air Condition set at 32 Celsius/90 Fahrenheit day and night. A large part of July was a heat advisory in the area.

With the Elgato Eve and our Weather Station could we track the temperatures inside. Even with the large swings in outside temperatures was it possible to have a stable and "livable" (not comfortable) temperature inside. The first 10 days of the months was we staying in the RV and could make the daytime temperature as low as possible. The problem was keeping Air Condition on after the sun went down. To allow sitting with no control, and not draining the batteries after sunset, was a higher average temperature needed.

With the 15 kW dedicated to the trailer and 20 kWh battery was enough to maintain the AC with a minimum State of Charge of 27% when running unattended.

The Motorhome was basically using around 7 kWh each day as normal when sitting alone, the Trailer created 49 kWh in average and a maximum of 81 kWh one of the days we was staying there and charging some on the Tesla. In total for the month is 1.8 MWh made from the sun in a month. This is a value of $291 with standard Phoenix pricing.

We set a new daily record production on July 1st. 108 kWh generated from the sun.

We had the Tesla to charge and redirected half the solar panels from the motorhome roof to get maximum production. The Orage curves above represent the solar generation maxing out at 12 kW mid day. 16 of the used solar panels are still sitting on the rack in optimal winter angle so with those flat on the ground could we have generated even more.