Winter 2022-2023 Production

With the large solar setup has this winter season been generating a lot of power 9.5 MWh or around $1500 of value based on average Arizona prices. The RV has not been using more than normal, but the trailer has created a lot of power.

The trailer has been providing the power for 2 Teslas (Model 3 Performance and Model Y Long Range). Most of the regular shopping trips and local trips has been done with charge from the trailer.

The solar setup is quite large with more than 19 kW of Solar Panels. The RV has 3.5 kW dedicated Solar Panels but can also receive charging from the trailer if needed. In the short days of the year was it necessary to dedicate more solar panels for the RV.

The trailer has 7.5 kW of Solar Panels and the 8.4 kW ground deployed Solar Panels is connected to the trailer.

We had many days during the season with full batteries and could have done a lot more if we had places to store the energy. We have also been on several road trips in the Tesla with no use of the power from the trailer and minimal consumption from the RV.

The RV and Trailer is currently at Snowbird West. The daily temperature is around 100 Fahrenheit. To keep the RV protected is one AC running and keeping 90 Fahrenheit inside front of the RV with all blinds down. The trailer also has the Window Unit at 86 Fahrenheit. Both are powered directly by the Trailer.

The daily production is 23.5 kWh and the trailer setup with nothing connected consume 4 kWh. It looks like it is possible to store the RV with Air Condition running without getting close to the possible daily production that is 100 kWh on a sunny day this time of the year.