Trailer Efficiency

The daily production is improving and the days grow longer. We did not use the complete setup yesterday , but 6.8 kW from the trailer roof and 6.0 kW from the Ground Deployed panels (2 x 8 + 7 of the 260 Watt used panels). 12.8 kW of solar panels with varying degree of angle to the sun, from flat to sitting at 50 degrees.


We still managed to produce 65.9 kWh from the sun with the perfect blue sky, windy and cold temperature. According to the inverters was 63.0 kWh produced.

The Tesla was at 13% State of Charge in the morning and charged to 90% late in the afternoon. 56 kWh added to the batteries according to the car. This is of course only what made it into the battery and the loss of the charger in the car is not accounted for.

The trailer also supply power to a small grow tent with artificial light and small heater. Over a 24 hour period is that using a good amount of energy.

The tent used 3.3 kWh in the 24 hour period. The data was measured with our Elgato Eve that is connected directly to the outlet.

We had a few other loads like the space heater in the RV and battery chargers in the trailer, but they was not used a lot. Based on the reported output from the inverters is the efficiency 90.5% from sun to  output.  This does not include loss in the inverter. based only on the consumed power is 86.5% the efficiency.