Bad Sun Days

We had a few days of bad weather in Quartzsite. A day of overcast and cold followed by a full day of rain. What is wrong in this Desert? I have made a video of how our battery storage allowed us to continue living as normal without changes.

When this occurs is it important to look at the weather forecast if the weather persists for 3-4 days is turning off the water heater on electric a possibility to stretch the time. With 2 kWh per day can our time stretch from 3 days with the minimal sun to 5 days simply by using the propane water heater when needed.

The YouTube video below has details about our consumption.

Our Elgato Eve devices are able to capture the power consumed from several of our 120 Volt loads.

Combined Loads with power produced show a Thursday with almost no charge to the batteries.

Over 60% of our daily produced solar energy is consumed by the tracked 120 Volt devices. The amount of energy used to maintain a stable temperature for the Tesla Modules is 3% and the nights are long and get close to freezing.