Raspberry Pi monitoring

TriMetric and Victron battery monitoring are using a shunt on our primary house battery connection to measure State of Charge (SoC).

A Raspberry Pi computer measures more detailed information and saves the status every 15 seconds. With the ModBUS interface is it possible to communicate directly with MorningStar and MidNite solar controllers. A custom board is measuring the information from the shunt and using that to have a third State of Charge calculation.

A web-server is also running on the Raspberry Pi and can be accessed from any computer or phone on our network to display the current status.

With Excel can the captured data be shown with all kinds of details. This is a good way to learn about the usage and how much capacity is being used. In a 12 month period have we never used more than 60% of our house battery capacity, we only need 3 Tesla modules to provide that energy storage.

The Raspberry PI project is a work in progress. With simple coding in Python and PHP is a lot of things possible.