Trailer Solar Panels

The roof of the trailer is covered more than 80% with 7 SolarWorld XL 345 Watt solar panels.

Ironridge XR-1000 rails is providing a stable and straight mounting to the roof. The same solution that is used on the Motorhome. By raising the Solar Panels 4 inches above the roof is airflow allowed underneath and the Solar Panels is cooler and provide a higher output.

All Solar Panels are wired in parallel with 4 sets of wires coming from the roof, no more than 2 panels on the same 10 Gauge solar graded wire. When the wires enter the trailer is multiple breakers allowing the seven panels to be used internally for charging or sent to the Motorhome through a 6 Gauge DC connection with an Anderson plug when it needs to be disconnected.

A MidNite Classic Solar Controller is used to keep the Battleborn batteries charged and provide the needed power during the day. Multiple fans is running inside the MidNite controller even at lower loads of 500 Watt of power, some are pretty noisy Mounting in a very dusty place could not be good. The TriMetric battery monitor if of course also present.